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Energy Saving Tip for Thursday

January 27, 2011

Invest in Insulation. Insulating your attic and floor properly will save you money!  The insulation in your floor should be at least 6″ thick, R19 to R25 is recommended by Energy, and The insulation in your attic should be 10″ to 12″ thick to give R30 to R60 ratings.  One area of heat loss that surprised us when we learned about it is recessed lighting.  If you have “can lights” or recessed lighting you are probably losing precious energy dollars right through your ceiling!  There are special covers available to install over recessed lighting fixtures that stop most of this energy loss.

All of us at ABC Seamless are committed to helping you enjoy your home more.  Give us a call or contact us through our website at if we can help you with any projects around your home or if you have questions about how to save energy around your home.

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